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North Digital is a comprehensive digital marketing agency based in Vancouver, Canada. We help our clients rapidly gain more clients and customers online by using data-driven digital marketing.

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At North Digital, we thrive on change and admire those behind it. We design creative solutions for our clients unresolved problems. We help our clients gain customers, expand their market share and optimize their online presence. Contact us directly for references and case studies.

Our Process

At North Digital, we value concept and strategy before design. Your website is where your clients interact with your business, its message could not be more important. Our 4 step process ensures that your story is told effectively.

  • “We begin by understanding your business”

    What do you aim to achieve with your digital presence? Who will visit your site, how do you want them to feel, and what do they need to do? First and foremost, the team at North Digital develops a strong understanding of your business. This allows us to create the perfect user experience, which engages your audience, tells your story and builds a long-lasting relationship.

  • “Strategic Design and Planning”

    The planning and design stage of the process is conducted with your key success factors in mind. The team at North Digital tests several approaches and refines the prototype through several editing stages based on your feedback. Our combination of creativity and analytics allows us to deliver highly effective digital marketing strategies.

  • “Seamless Implementation”

    Our skilled digital marketers create wildly successful online marketing funnels. Our online advertising strategies allow you to specifically target customers based on criteria like demographics, location, device type, browsing behavior, and even social media engagement.

  • “In Depth Evaluation”

    Once the project is complete, we use analytics software to measure the success of our work. These efforts ensure that we continue to drive targeted and relevant traffic to your business. The team at North Digital works seamlessly with your team to keep you informed throughout the process. We deliver monthly reports and schedule regular review calls where we discuss the campaign progress. Your success is our success, and we want to build a long-term business relationship with you.


In the time it takes you to read this sentence, technology will have changed in some significant way. With each evolution, North Digital's talented team discovers new opportunities to maximize the latest innovations for you.

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The Internet has become the largest medium for advertising in 2019,
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